Some rain has arrived and hopefully much much more - if we do get a substantial amount we might be able to save some of the very stressed trees.  Too late for most of the Banksias and Casuarinas, but hopefully not for the Jarrah and a large Iron Bark in the northern section that is looking very sick.

On Friday, 27th May  - Planting with the School children. About 900 plants have just arrived in my garage so anyone who can help will be more than welcome.  Meet us at about 8.30 am at the lawn area, children hopefully start turning up at 9 am and final ones come through sometime before midday.  It is always an extremely busy morning as they do have to be supervised and we try to dig holes for them.  Watering, marking with sticks and putting the bags on, all takes quite a bit of supervision. We will serve refreshments.

Next working bee will be Sunday, 12th June  at the usual time of 9 am.  Work will involve more planting and checking on the ones put in by the children.  We will stop for our usual morning Tea at 10.30 am in Jaqui’s beautiful garden.  We do thank her sincerely for making it available to us and for setting everything out.

Dog Walkers - while we love seeing people walking through the bush with their dogs, we rather wish they could read the signs at the entrances that ask for dogs to be on leads.  From the amount of Dog Poo lining all the paths - it is obvious that people are not picking up - perhaps because they have no idea where their dogs are.  Those of us who have been watering each Wednesday have noticed very many people walking though at 8 am and their dogs roaming free.  The rangers are always very critical of the Carrington Street Dog Park people, but at least they pick up their dog’s poo and often any other they find around.  Perhaps the Rangers could make a point of calling past the Reserve in the mornings to remind people about dog leads!

We find all sorts of things, lost, stolen and strayed in the bush.  The last thing found was a very nice Yellow Scooter - looked like it had run out of fuel and been abandoned.  It is with the Police.

Now that we have had some rain, the Fungii will be appearing.  Keep a look out for them and Kay is always pleased to have reports on them.

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